Optimizing Executive Leadership

Optimizing Executive Leadership

Would you like to…?

…improve your own effectiveness, comfort, confidence and job satisfaction?

…reduce conflict and problematic behaviors on your team?

…align your team around strategic goals with clarity and commitment?

…shape the behaviors and culture of your organization?

…reduce your managerial workload, frustration and stress level?

…better hire, develop and retain the people who report to you?

…create more value for your organization, your team and yourself?


About The Coach

Janice Miller

  • 12 years consulting & coaching CEOs & their teams
  • 20+ years in corporate management across diverse industries
  • Former VP Strategic Planning & Global VP HR/OD at Fortune 200 level
  • Leadership responsibilities on 7 non-profit boards, including roles as President
  • MBA (Finance) & 8 years in financial management positions
  • Certificate in Coaching for Development from the Center for Creative Leadership
  • Style: warm as well as analytical; a fast learner who connects well with people

Our Core Values

  • Client-Centered - Responsiveness, Customization, Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Integrity - Objectivity, Honesty, Transparency
  • Professionalism - Confidentiality, Skill, Credibility
  • Learning - Listening, Transferring Knowledge, Developing Teams
  • Caring - About People and Results

Why Choose Strategic Choice

  • Clientele exclusively at the CEO and C-level
  • Coach is a former C-level executive at Fortune 200 level
  • 360 assessment designed for C-level skill sets (Optional)
  • Coaching goes beyond leadership principles, behaviors and EQ
  • Elevates capabilities in strategic thinking and developing organizations
  • Transferable concepts, philosophies, processes and lessons learned
  • All engagements customized for the needs of the client
  • Track record of client successes (references available)